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Dear Fellow Parent,

If you are reading this, then I know you have hit rock bottom.  I understand.  You are desperate.  Hurting.  And your children are running the narrative at home.  Fortunately, this message will not self-destruct the way your parenting skills have.  Let’s start with the basics.

  • Stop reading those ridiculous self-help books that encourage- nay demand!- that you tell your children the truth above all else.  It’s utter madness.   It’s essentially child abuse: they can’t handle the truth! selfhelp
  • Start accepting that lying to children about adult topics, such as sex or parents fighting, is a form of protecting them from unsavory topics that are beyond their level of maturity.  They’re just not that smart, people!
  • Finally, we cannot allow the historically recent blitherings of out of control hippies to annihilate centuries of collective wisdom, which advocated for the natural separation of all things adult from all things child.

Stay tuned as I post practical advice for those of you who have the courage to buck the pernicious trend that raises child intellect and maturity to that of  an adult’s.  They need innocence, fantasy and a safe universe in which to imagine.  Why should no child know about sex?  Because Santa would not do that to Mrs. Claus.  Nope, never.  Sex alone abolishes the scaffolding of childhood in an instant.  We must defend our children’s innocence.  It’s lying time!